Savings and Investments

We can guide you through saving for

  • Retirement Plan

  • Building a deposit to buy a house

  • Building your child’s 2nd or 3rd level education

  • Building a Nest egg

Having savings may decide if you can set up a home and start a family, your health and your family’s health, if your children go to university, how comfortable your retirement will be e.t.c.
We have access to the entire range of life companies and investment firms with excellent savings plans endeavouring to grow your fund.
Our process aims to:

1. Assess your current savings plan and your expectations.
2. Look at the strategy you have, to get you to your objective.
3. Agree a realistic and tax efficient strategy.
4. Maintain an emergency fund.
5. Search the entire market for you choosing the most suitable product with suitable investment funds and strategies.
6. Agree a regular review of your fund performance, your objectives and strategy.

We are authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland to advise on deposits, shares, government bonds, redundancies, pensions and life endowment savings policies. We provide a best advice service.

If you would like any more information on this contact Mortgage & Investment Brokers for impartial advice.

Lump sum investment can include

  • Redundancy Payment

  • Legacy inheritance

  • Nest egg you built up

Mortgage & Investment Brokers are regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland and there is the Insurance Compensation Scheme which offers a safety net protection to investors in some Irish financial institutions.
If you would like to compare rates available to depositors and savers on today’s Irish market, based on your individual circumstances, contact us for impartial advice.
We can provide:

  • Optional protection on equity investments and Deposit funds

  • Tax Relief on your investment

  • A Realistic investment strategy

  • Individualised investment process see opposite

  • A review service

Saving the Children’s Allowance

A sum of €48,000 is accumulated in 18 years if you save one child’s allowance

Values projected at 6%, initial monthly premium of €140, premiums not increasing, term of 20 years.

2nd and 3rd level Education funding

The cost of 3rd level education fees, without accommodation is €6,000 per year. If your child does a 4 year course this amounts to €24,000.
You need to earn €40,000 before tax (@ 40% ) to send one child to 3rd level.
This is in today’s terms and education inflation is far higher than ordinary inflation
The total cost of 8 years' primary school education is an estimated €3,780.
The cost of education is higher as children move into secondary school (non fee paying). The average annual cost of education for a child entering first year in secondary school is €1,040.(Aug 18, 2016)
Ask for an education endowment quotation.

Our Review service:

There is every chance that you’re paying more than you need in policy and fund charges. Perhaps the current strategy was set up in the past and things have changed since.
We can compare the costs of your scheme against the current market.
The investment market changes frequently. We can talk you through the steps to make sure you have the best chance of achieving your objectives. We provide a best advice service.

If you would like any more information on this contact Mortgage & Investment Brokers for impartial advice.

Saving to buy a new home?

  • Preparing for each step for a mortgage application

  • Mortgage planning steps from start to finish

  • Comparing new and existing mortgage offers

  • Ask about Government Grant options available to first time buyers

We provide a best advice service

Clinics available from your employment or in the Public Service

We can meet staff as a group or individually in your place of work. This can be with your union and other groups. As brokers, we do not restrict your choice to one firm, but we give you a wide open choice of savings products and advice on how to achieve your savings goals.
We offer impartial advice on:

  • Retirement *

  • Budgeting *

  • Insurance *

  • Investments*

  • Mortgages*

  • Pensions*

  • Savings*

How Saving and Investment Works

What is the cost of Education?


Do you Qualify for Investment

Download, complete and return our questionnaire to see if you qualify for investment:


Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.
Warning: The value of your investment can go down as well as up.
Warning: These funds may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.
Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.

As a Broker

As a Broker we must offer you the best advice, bank advisors or insurance company reps or tied agents do not have this requirement.

We hold higher than the required amount of professional liability insurance this is not always the case with bank advisors or insurance company reps or tied agents.

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