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Proprietor and Director

Personal and Company Insurance

Insurance may not cost as much as you expect

Life assurance can cost as little as €15 p.m. This can be paid from your business account. It is tax deductible from your business and there is no bike. Life cover provides an income for your dependents.

Specific Critical Illness

Will pay in the event of you getting one of the illnesses listed on the policy and surviving 2 weeks. This can be in addition to death benefit.
We advise on the best advice basis If you would like any more information on this contact Mortgage & Investment Brokers for impartial advice.

Personal Insurance

We help you determine the amount of protection you require so your dependents will be financially secure. We carry out a review of your existing protection and provide a report on the price of all the life assurance companies on the market so you pay the cheapest premium.
We will recommend the most suitable and cheapest policy to suit your needs and budget.

Illness cover provides protection against debt, mortgages and can provide you with an income if you’re out of work. Cover for Specific Serious Illness can be added You will not get the best advice from a bank or by going directly to a life company.

Self-Directed Pension and Self-Administered Pension

A key professional or business owner may wish to have a different pension arrangement than normal.
Individuals can have pensions invested in individual properties, shares or bonds.
With a broker, the proprietor can use pension arrangements to – efficiently – transfer company assets to their name.
Our team can advise on Pre and Postretirement Planning.


Income Protection/Disability Income

Will pay you an income until retirement if you are unable to work and suffer a loss of income due to almost any illness or accident.
This can be paid from your business account it is tax deductible from your business and there is no bik. Could your business sustain the cost of supporting the long term payroll of an employee in ill health? If you got a long term illness you would lose income, clients and possibly your business may disappear and customers gone by the time your health recovers.

Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax

The Inheritance tax rate is 33%. We can reduce the cost of this imminent bill.
You no longer have to be a millionaire to be liable to inheritance tax. People who are not married or related and inherit more than €16,250 will pay tax @ 33% (excluding the family home in very restricted cases).
The tax threshold for an ARF Pension is zero.
A couple aged 65 may have to live beyond 100 to over pay inheritance life insurance.

For additional information on Proprietor and Executive Financial Planning Protection, get in contact with Mortgage And Investment Brokers today.


The state still imposes CAT and inheritance tax on people in non-married relationships.
This could mean the existing policies you are paying may be benefiting someone other than those you intended.

Corporate and Partnership Insurance

Your business can be exposed to liquidity deficits or you can protect it from the financial consequences of the death of a director, shareholder or key member of staff. The cover provides for everything from buying back the share of a business from the deceased’s estate to the cost of temporary replacement staff, loss of income and even the cost of searching for and recruiting a successor.
We can advise you on getting your business protected and securing the best cover at competitive rates.

5% of company closures are attributed to the death of a key director. Life cover can enable a company to buy back its own shares and gives it the cash to recruit replacement key personnel.
For example with just 2 directors over 40 years old, there is a 75% chance that one will die, suffer a critical or long term illness before the age of 65. With this insurance the firm can afford to buy the deceased shares and keep the company shares in the control of the remaining shareholders. Most successful businesses don’t take a 75% chance of failure.

Could your business sustain the cost of paying a fair price for shares of the spouse and family of a deceased shareholder? Could your firm pay off your widow in the event of your death and her / his necessity to en-cash his / her shares?

If you would like any more information on this contact Mortgage & Investment Brokers for impartial advice. 

Mortgage & Investment Brokers can:

1. Brokers have total access to up to 10 pension companies.
2. They offer impartial advice on setting up a pension plan
3. Their advice is impartial and customised to the needs of the individual client.
4. They help clients review their pension plan
5. They provide advice that helps individuals maximise their tax relief
6. They assist clients in accessing PR-Retirement Planning.
7. They assist clients in accessing their pensions
8. They offer advice on Postretirement Planning. They also asset in selecting the right pension option for the individual needs of the client

group income protection


We can guide you through

Saving for retirement.

Saving a deposit to buy a house.

Saving for a child’s 2nd or 3rd level education.

Cash makes life easier but can be hard to hold onto and harder to accumulate. Having cash will decide if your children go to university, how comfortable your retirement will be etc.

We have access to the entire range of life companies and investment firms with excellent savings plans offering to grow your fund.

Our process will:

1. Assess your current savings plan expectations and strategy.
2. Agree a realistic and tax efficient strategy
3. Search the entire market for the most suitable product with the appropriate investment fund for you
4. Agree a regular review of performance and objectives
We are authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland to advise on deposits, shares, government bonds, redundancies, pensions and life endowment savings policies

Lump Sum Investment Can Include:

Redundancy Payment
Legacy inheritance
Nest egg

You have built this up over the years.

Mortgage & Investment Brokers are regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland which has devised The Deposit Guarantee Scheme that offers a safety net protection to depositors in Irish financial institutions.

If you would like to:

Compare savings plans on the Irish market with your individual circumstances in mind, to get the most from your investment, contact us for impartial advice.

We can provide Protection on Equity investments and Deposit funds
Tax Relief on your investment
A Realistic investment strategy

We advise on a best advice basis If you would like any more information on this contact Mortgage & Investment Brokers for impartial advice.

Our Review Service

There is every chance that you’re paying more than you need in policy and fund charges. Perhaps the current strategy was set up in the past and things have changed since.
We can compare the costs of your scheme against the current market.
The investment market changes frequently. We can talk you through the steps to make sure you have the best chance of achieving your objectives. We provide the best advice service.

If you would like any more information on this contact Mortgage & Investment Brokers for impartial advice.

Do you Qualify for Investment

Download, complete and return our questionnaire to see if you qualify for investment:

Risk Check Calculator

lump lasts

Pension Warning

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.
The value of your investment can go down as well as up.
These funds may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.
If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.
If you invest in this product you will not have any access to your money until you retire.


This new loan may take longer to pay off than your previous loans. This means you pay more than if you paid over a shorter term.
The cost of your monthly repayments may increase.
If you do not keep up your repayments you may lose your home.
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